Monday, December 20, 2010


Time is only but an illusion
that causes us beings stress.
When the time "runs out"
all is still well.
For, illusions cannot "run out"
they can only be "figured out."
And even then,
they can still be done.
The only thing you are then really out of
is the pressure
yet the thrill.
But, maybe time has exceptions.
For when the time "runs out" . . .
that's where the thrill and pressure
really begin.

Monday, November 2, 2009

River Flow

(I wrote this poem while overlooking the Columbia River in the Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland)

The sound of the river in my ear
Takes away my breath, the bad, and the fear
The flowers surround it
Surround me and the view
To know that it's safe
Calming and true
The sun shines around me
As all the trees sway
In the breeze of the river
We see here today
The day is here
But stopped in the mind
As the river is flowing
Front, side, and behind
The boats are floating
And jetting across
You must keep on moving
But you want to pause
In the warmth of the sun
The breeze brings a shiver
But it's calm and quiet
In the flow of the river

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Very Dramatic Answer


"You, right there, desk 4, row 3,
classroom 194 AC."

Kid in desk 4, row 3:

"The answer to the question,
'V minus 1 B Q L T . . .
plus M over 7 S P V . . .
divided by Q N L 4 7 . . .
minus 1 22 L 4 eleven . . .
times 6 point 5 N R U . . .
9 point 6 M 2 4 Q'

IS . . .

7 4 7 M R Q B
M R O N S U V!"


"That is the right answer, no matter how insane.
But, dear little boy . . . I just wanted your name!"


I know, I know, it's "bumble" but this is a special bee! Enjoy!

Bumbo Bee
Can you see me?
In your hive up in a tree
Would you like to come for tea?
Or, do you want to just make honey
If you change your mind, here's my house key
I will wait and watch TV
Don't go, don't go!
Don't fly away from me!
I will miss your company.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
Dear Bumbo Bee.

The Soda Song

Summer is here. Finally. I sponsor soda. Ha ha! Enjoy!

Shake it up and here we go
Sizzle, fizzle, overflow
It can come in a bottle
It can come in a can
It's bubbly, it's bubbly
It's soda, man!

Take a sip--it's sweet and tarty
Now what's that sound? Your mouth's havin' a party
10 good drinks? It's at the top!
It's soda pop! It's soda pop!

You need a drink on a hot summer's day
You need soda, soda hear me say!
But drink it all at once or you'll say, "rats!"
'Cause your bottle of soda will go kinda flat.

It goes good with everything--the old and the new
You can have it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner too!
Drink some soda like you should
Any kind of soda will do you good

So drink it today, nothin' can really go wrong
And now, you've heard the soda song!


St. Patrick's Day Song

I found this poem in my messy desk at school and forgot I had it from St. Patrick's Day. Better late than never.

Once upon a time
in a land of green
in a land of hills
and a clovery scene

From a fantasy story
our ancestors told
where at the end of each rainbow
you would find a pot of gold

With the sunny sky
and the rivers of glass
there lived some leprechauns
I'm tellin' you lass

Leprechauns play
on St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fridge Poem

Explore a willing time of wisdom
In whispers of a heart's desire.