Friday, December 28, 2007

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

I could be a ballerina one day
I could really put on a play
I could run and jump and prance
I could really start to dance
I could be a ballerina one day!

I could be the president one day
For all my meals I wouldn't have to pay
I would march and salute
I would wear a nice silk suit
I could be the president one day!

I could be a gardener one day
I could have lots of fresh flowers in May
I could water, I could plant
Even though I'd start to pant
I could be a gardener one day!

I could be an astronaut one day
To go up is my only way
Up there in the sky
I could float and I could fly
I could be an astronaut one day!


Mrs. Trombley : ) said...

This is so good Kasidy! See, you are already planning for when you are all grown up! Just remember what Sissy said, it's okay to want to stay little for now. I love you so much baby sis.
Keep writing! I know you'll be great at whatever you do someday (maybe be a writer!?)

Shelia said...


Your words are beautiful! And clever. And profound. Thank you for sharing them. I believe you can be a ballerina, or the President, or a gardener, or an astronaut. But, I hope whatever you choose to be, you will keep your poet's heart. That you will continue to create. That you will help us see things we might not see by ourselves. That's just about the most important thing I can think of.

One Busy Mom said...


--brandi chambless

erin said...

i just came across your blog from your dads friend randy! wow, you are amazing. this makes me realize how important it is that my little girl (11 months old) reads as she gets older! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and my students love poems- so i was searching for a poem to share to the class about Careers and yours by far was the best. You are a very talented young lady. And i hope you will continue on this path. Ohh and my students loved it...i even told them that the Poem was written by you and shared a little info that i saw on the Blog about you...

PS F.Bailey